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Steel Framing Systems: Lighter, Stronger and More Efficient

Marino-Ware Steel Studs

Marino-Ware ViperStud™ is a proprietary, high strength steel drywall framing stud and track system that has withstood the test of time. Formed for extra strength, better screw retention, and greater limiting heights, ViperStud is proven to be the better performing drywall stud and track over traditional or dimpled alternatives.

ViperStud is flat steel, easy to plumb and mark, make minor adjustments and use laser levels. This makes installation the same as conventional studs. No extra training or special fasteners are needed for installation.

ViperRib Technology
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ViperRib® technology applies a reinforced ribbing over the web and flange of ViperStud. The ribs provide added strength, are less prone to twist and creating ”high-shoulders” when finishing gypsum board.

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