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Whether it’s for a residential, commercial or agricultural structure – you can count on Braun Building Center. We manufacture precision engineered trusses for any size project, from a small barn to a 70 ft long x 14 ft high building.

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BIGGER BENEFITS with Engineered Trusses

  • FLEXIBLE CUSTOM DESIGN – Engineered truss designs can handle complex roof lines easily at a fraction of the cost of traditional stick framing. They also offer the ability to adjust to structural changes, even those made at the last minute
  • LOWER FRAMING LABOR COSTS – precision-built truss units are delivered to your site ready to install, speeding up the construction process and lowering interior exposure time to the elements
  • LESS WASTE, MATERIAL & DISPOSAL – Trusses make use of as much as 50% less board feet of lumber than a common framed roof – less material waste to dispose of after the job is finished
  • HIGHER QUALITY PRODUCT – Trussed roof systems are code-compliant, constructed with a greater level of precision, designed to offer exceptional strength, and can span large distances. They’re also less likely to shrink, warp and twist than traditional stick framing
  • LESS MATERIAL THEFT – Roof trusses are seldom stolen off of a project compared to 2×10 or 2×12 joists

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Over 50 years of Truss Building Experience
– Trusses are designed by certified draftsmen working directly with you using the most advanced and innovative computer software. They are custom built locally by trained sawyers and assemblers ensuring each truss unit is identical in size and has tight, accurate joints and uniformity, and meets the stringent requirements earning the MiTek Industries Stamp.
Damage-free Delivery to your Site Guaranteed!